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Majumder Manor isn’t just a place, it’s a dream…

… actor Shaun Majumders dream to put his tiny hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland on the map. But with a population of just 350 people, getting the world to sit up and take notice is no small task. Shaun’s plan? To build a 2.6 million dollar eco-luxe hotel, Majumder Manor, that will make Burlington an international hot spot for travellers across the globe.

It’s going to take guts, gumption and just enough pie-eyed optimism to take Shaun’s plans from dream to reality. But if he builds it, will they come? Will the town of Burlington back his plan? And will Shaun’s fiancée ever get used to life in a small coastal town?

Learn more about the dream, explore the town and meet the people that Shaun loves so much all right here.


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