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About the Show

Shaun Majumder wants to give something truly special back to his hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland, a remote and traditional town on the east coast of Canada that was once a logging and ship-building hub. After travelling the world, Shaun returns to the tiny community of 350 people with the plans of building a small guesthouse. You see, in Burlington there are no hotels or restaurants. A small traditional salt-box guesthouse is perfect, right?

A trip to Fogo Island inspires Shaun to dream bigger. How big? Well, how about a $2.6 million, 5-star ecolux lodge with high-end guest cabins, a food supply system, guided tours and dozens of other activities to re-vitalize his hometown. To make it happen, Shaun teams up with his fiancée Shelby Fenner, his big sister Rani Majumder and his soon-to-be bromantic partner Peter Blackie.

What Shaun lacks in project management experience he makes up for in unwavering optimism, determination and a solid team of skilled friends, family and colleagues.

How does the community feel about Shaun’s plan? Will the government financially back Shaun in his wildly entrepreneurial venture? How will he pull together the required resources and still find time for his full-time acting career?

Majumder Manor is the heartwarming, hilarious and humbling story of one man’s attempt to give back to a community that’s given him so much.

About Shaun Majumder

Gemini Award winner Shaun Majumder was raised in a small town on the east coast of Burlington, Newfoundland. Shaun attributes much of his comedic prowess and his entrepreneurial spirit to having been raised in rural Newfoundland, and although he is now living in L.A., still spends much of his time back home on “The Rock.”

Currently a regular cast member of This Hour has 22 Minutes, now in its twentieth season, Shaun’s television career began as a host on YTV as well as hosting the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival TV series for three seasons.

He then made the move to Hollywood, where he landed roles with in the Farrelly Brothers series Unhitched, as well as roles on 24 and Cedric the Entertainer Presents on Fox. In 2010 he landed a starring role as Detective Vik Mahajan in the critically acclaimed crime drama Detroit 1-8-7 on ABC. Shaun’s most recent successes include his role as Andrew Palmer on The Firm, starring Josh Lucas and Juliette Lewis.

Other notable television appearances include Hatching, Matching and Dispatching, Republic of Doyle, Robson Arms, and Da Kink in My Hair. His critically acclaimed biographical documentary, Shaun Majumder, Every Word is Absolutely True currently airs regularly on HBO Canada.

Shaun resides in Los Angeles with his wife Shelby Fenner and their two dogs, Jazzy and Freddy.

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