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In a town this small, everyone knows everyone. Get up close and personal with the characters of Majumder Manor — including Shaun and his family, his fiancée Shelby and the fine folks of Burlington, Newfoundland!

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Shaun Majumder

Raised in rural Newfoundland, this Gemini award-winning actor/comedian started performing as a teenager and has been at it ever since. His work has taken him through the world of theatre, standup comedy, improv and more …


Shelby Fenner

A native of Michigan, Shelby Fenner got her start as a model working in Miami, New York City, and Milan. Unfulfilled by the superficial life of modelling, Shelby moved to Los Angeles where she began …


Peter Blackie

Peter Blackie was born and raised in Gander, Newfoundland. He is a registered architect with both The Newfoundland Association of Architects, and the State of New York, and is a graduate of the Master of …


Rani Majumder

Rani Majumder is Shaun’s older sister and only sibling Born in Toronto in 1968, Rani moved with her family to Newfoundland at the age of eight. After Shaun and Rani’s parents split up, she lived …


The Acre Architects: Monica Adair and Stephen Kopp

Monica Adair Monica is a co-founding partner of Acre Architects based out of Saint John, New Brunswick, twice named one of the top emerging firms in Canada by Twenty + Change. She holds a Master …


Les Stroud

Best known as star of the six-time Gemini nominated, hit TV series Survivorman (OLN Canada, The Science Channel US, Discovery Channel International, City TV (Rogers) Canada), Les Stroud continues to forge new pathways as a …


Rudy Norman

Rudy Norman is a writer, multimedia developer and a regular guy from Burlington, Newfoundland and Labrador where he was raised and still resides with his current wife, Natasha. While Rudy was raised and lived in …


Mayor George Kelly

18 years ago, George Kelly ran in the Burlington elections and was voted in as town councilor. Two years later, he was voted in as the Mayor of Burlington and hasn’t looked back since.  Nothing …

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