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Joking around isn’t just fun and games — it’s an important part of Newfoundland culture. Verse yourself in east coast hilarity, courtesy of the one and only Shaun Majumder.

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Shaun Majumder From the Archives – Relaxation Tape

Pulled from the archives, we get a front row seat to Shaun’s early days on stage talking funny about his relaxation tape purchase.


Newfoundland Ultrasound

Ever wonder if ultrasounds are different for pregnant women in Newfoundland? Shaun lets you in on this little secret.


Shaun Majumder From the Archives – Tai Chi

From the Archives – Tai Chi We’ve dug deep into the archives for this classic bit of Shaun’s hilarious study of the ancient martial art of Tai Chi.


Road Hockey

Road Hockey – Burlington Style Even this all-Canadian sport gets its own signature Burlington treatment. Ouch!


Chocolate Roulette

Life is like a box of chocolates… Who doesn’t love Pot of Gold chocolates? Until you lose the map to the box, that is. Then, you’re just playing chocolate roulette — and it’s only a …

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