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Fancy yourself a history and culture buff? Get schooled on the then-and-now of Burlington, Newfoundland right here.

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Perry’s Cove Picnic

A cove in the middle of nowhere Newfoundland may seem like an unlikely place to have a Potluck picnic. Sarah Evans take this challenge head on as she serves the Burlington community delicious dishes made …


A Newfoundland Culture Lesson: Phone Calls with Nan

Shaun reminisces about his Nan’s in-depth conversations on the phone. Undoubtedly, a common story in outport Newfoundland.


Mani & Lisel: A Love Story – Chapter 3

Mani & Lisel: A Love Story The final chapter in Mani & Lisel’s love story. As the saying goes, love conquers all!


Mani & Lisel: A Love Story – Chapter 2

Here’s the second chapter in Mani & Lisel’s amazing love story! Shaun gets the facts straight on how things went so wrong and then so incredibly right between his Dad & his step-mother.


Mani & Lisel: A Love Story

Chapter 1 A love story that spans 40 years, the love between Shaun’s Dad, Mani and his stepmother, Lisel, proves that love undeniably exists. In this first chapter, Shaun talks to his Dad and Lisel …


It’s a Small Bay After All

It’s not only what lies beneath the ocean, sometimes it’s what’s sailing on top that surprises you the most. Join Shaun Majumder on his boat ride in Green Bay as he has another encounter with …


Burlington Who’s Who

The Pewfie (PU-FI) is one of the most unfamiliar wild animals in North America today. This animal has been known to migrate to the Burlington – Green Bay area during the summer months from southern …


Rex Goudie – Save My Life

You’ve heard of Lollapalooza — now feast your ears on Shedapalooza, featuring Rex Goudie! Follow Rex on Twitter: @ReallyRexGoudie


Jazzy goes for a Boat Ride!

Legend has it, Newfoundland dogs could tow a dory and once even rescued drowning sailors. Boston Terriers from LA rock it a little differently… Follow Jazzy on Twitter @jazzyjumder


King’s Point Pottery

You’ve heard of six degrees of separation? Well, in outport Newfoundland, it’s like two! Shaun stumbles upon an interesting connection at this award-winning pottery shop owned by Linda Yates and David Hayashida. And wait for …

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Sherman Downey's "Mudjacket"