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Fancy yourself a history and culture buff? Get schooled on the then-and-now of Burlington, Newfoundland right here.

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A Newfoundland Culture Lesson

The Name Game: Place names in Newfoundland can be downright out there.


Sherman Downey and The Ambiguous Case

Sherman Downey Rocks on the Rock You’ve heard of Lollapalooza — now feast your ears on Shedapalooza, featuring Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case!


Shaun Buys a Motor

Shaun Buys a Motor A small trip to the store results in Shaun buying a motor… and a few other odds and sods.


Alonzo’s “Back in Time” Museum

Who Puts a Museum in Their House, Anyway? Alonzo does, of course. Check out this unique Burlington landmark that proves the theory “if you build it, they will come.”


The “It Could Be True” History of Burlington

The “It Could Be True” History of Burlington This rich and storied history of Burlington is as fascinating as it is potentially true.

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Sherman Downey's "Mudjacket"