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Mani & Lisel: A Love Story

Chapter 1 A love story that spans 40 years, the love between Shaun’s Dad, Mani and his stepmother, Lisel, proves that love undeniably exists. In this first chapter, Shaun talks to his Dad and Lisel …


How to Shuck an Oyster with Chef Steve Vardy

Ever watch the pros at the oyster bar shuck an oyster? How do they make it look so easy? Well, our pro, Chef Steve Vardy, who’s charmed many high profilers such as The Rolling Stones, …


It’s a Small Bay After All

It’s not only what lies beneath the ocean, sometimes it’s what’s sailing on top that surprises you the most. Join Shaun Majumder on his boat ride in Green Bay as he has another encounter with …


Burlington Who’s Who

The Pewfie (PU-FI) is one of the most unfamiliar wild animals in North America today. This animal has been known to migrate to the Burlington – Green Bay area during the summer months from southern …


Acre Architects: Who do we think we are?

Who do we think we are? Driving to work this past week, we listened to Jian Ghomeshi’s opening essay on CBC’s Q, which both surprised and saddened us to hear the news that Lake Winnipeg …


The Shaun Majumder Scribbler:
Experience The Burl

Experience The Burl: First of all, I caught the bigger fish. Rani can “suck it”! I know that the viewing public is on her side and that’s cool. But I will fight this forever! Okay, …


Todd Perrin’s Beet & Goat Cheese Roulade

Looking for something fun and easy to make? And tastes delicious? Newfoundland chef Todd Perrin shows us how to prepare a roulade using beets, a satisfying & healthy root vegetable, and partners it perfectly with …


The Shaun Majumder Scribbler: Keeping The Dream Alive

Keeping The Dream Alive: I think one of the greatest lessons that I have learned as an actor is that you have to get used to rejection. I mean, ninety percent of the things we …


Todd Perrin’s Sweet Raisin Toutons

Newfoundland chef Todd Perrin takes the traditional Newfoundland Touton (fried bread dough) and turns it up a notch with a recipe for sweet raisin bread. The results? A decadent, hearty dessert Sweet Raisin Toutons with …


Rex Goudie – Save My Life

You’ve heard of Lollapalooza — now feast your ears on Shedapalooza, featuring Rex Goudie! Follow Rex on Twitter: @ReallyRexGoudie

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Sherman Downey's "Mudjacket"