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Episode 8: The Gathering

Shaun is neck deep in organizing a three-day event in Burlington called The Gathering: Fire, Food and Music. He’s flown in top chefs from across Canada and his favorite musical acts culminating with his and …

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Episode 7: Building The Gathering

In part 1 of the 2-part season finale, Shaun and his team begin the preparations for THE GATHERING. A Fire, Food and Music festival with the hopes to draw tourists to the Burl. It’s a …

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Episode 6: Greenhouse and Guest Suites

Shaun has decided to build a greenhouse in Burlington and he puts his hospitality expert, Sarah in charge of it. Sarah’s approach is to get the thing built as fast as possible, but mistakes are …

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Episode 5 – Land Concerns and Boat Resurrections

Shaun’s hospitality and food expert, Sarah, comes to Burlington. She immediately has concerns about the piece of land Shaun will be building on. Will Shaun have to look for another place to build the manor? …

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Episode 4: The Big Ask

With his relationship still intact, Shaun returns to Burlington to unveil the new eco-friendly ultra modern, building design. The local reviews are mixed to say the least, with most left asking; ‘what ever happened to …

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Episode 3: Ghost Bridges and Design Realities

With his architects in place, Shaun and his team begin the process of designing the state-of-the-art Inn. Shaun’s vision for the project has evolved a lot and he has told the architects to think big …

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Episode 2: Survivorman Les Stroud and the Expanding Dream

With the support of the town behind him, Shaun is energized to make his dream to build a guesthouse in his hometown of Burlington, a.k.a. “The Burl”, a reality. With his fiancée, Shelby and his …

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Episode 1: A Man, His Dream and His Team

Newfoundland. More specifically, Burlington, Newfoundland. Population 370 (ish). A small outport community in a remote part of the province. Most folks would never hear about the place if it wasn’t for one notable fact: it’s …

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The Road to Majumder Manor Special

Shaun Majumder is a comedian with big dreams. Burlington, Newfoundland is his very small, beloved hometown. Will he be able to revitalize it and turn it into a top tourist destination? Find out what lead …

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