Episode 8:The Gathering

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Episode 8: The Gathering

Shaun is neck deep in organizing a three-day event in Burlington called The Gathering: Fire, Food and Music. He’s flown in top chefs from across Canada and his favorite musical acts culminating with his and Peter’s house pull.

Shaun has organized a huge group hike through a trail he cut himself. At the end, the hikers will find themselves with a spectacular view and entertained with live music performed by Sean McCann (Great Big Sea) and a meal cooked by Todd Perin (Canada’s Next Top Chef). A fantastic plan, but can Shaun pull this off armed with just his zodiac and a few volunteers?

With a great influx of guests and nowhere to put them, Shaun has decided to assemble a city of tents and Shelby finally gets to show off her design eye to ensure this will be an experience no one will forget.

With little manpower, Shaun faces his toughest challenge yet. Can he pull it off? Will Peter be able to float, safely light and pull the house within their tight window of opportunity? And with hundreds of people expected to travel to the event, this is Shaun’s opportunity to show Burlington off. Finances, reputation and relationships are on the line as we come to a complex climax of what was once a simple dream.

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