The Shaun Majumder Scribbler: Finding a Balance

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Finding a Balance:

Living the life as a working actor/writer/comedian has many upsides. You get to travel to cool locations, you meet and work with amazing people… Every new job is an adventure. You get to make a living doing what you love and nothing can top that. However, the downsides can be tremendous. Every time you finish a job, for the most part, you have to always start from scratch again. The numbers of years you have to put in, getting constantly turned down and told “NO”, can be incredibly tough on the “Happy Lobe” in your brain. And chances are, you are working away from your partner and family.

I have been absolutely blessed these last 3-5 years. I have worked more than ever before and I’ve been able to create a lot of great opportunities, but the majority of that time, I’ve been away from my life partner, my soul mate, my girl, Shelby. Whether it’s working in Halifax on 22min, or shooting a pilot in Atlanta, or moving to Detroit for D187, or even working in Toronto for the hugely successful show “The Firm” (That was me being facetious):

It. Sucks. Being. Apart.

Now, let’s throw in an intense design process for this philanthropic endeavor in small town Newfoundland, that in reality took place over an 8-10 month period, which should have included Shelby the entire time, but didn’t… Needless to say, it created a strain on our connection. I mean, how can it not?

This is no small thing that we are trying to do here and, to be honest, this dream has been percolating long before I even met Shelby. I mean, she has a right to be like: “Wait, what? You’re planning on doing what now? But what about the deck rail we needed to get done?” All I know is that I am blessed to have a partner who is beyond understanding and smart and creative and gets it. One thing I’ve learned is whenever Shelby has something to say, and at first glance I might not agree with it, its probably best I just shut up and listen. Because whatever it is, her words will have great value and only benefit whatever it is we are trying to get done!

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