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Grounds to Gather Upon

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Grounds to Gather Upon:

Fire-Food-Music: Three simple ingredients fueling a reason for people to come together. To Gather. With this entire project, what’s becoming clearer every day is that it’s the simplest, most elemental things that matter the most. And it’s that understanding and constant reminder which helps me keep my eye on the big picture and not let the struggles and hardships get in the way. The Gathering’s birth went through many incarnations between myself, Peter Blackie, and Sarah Evans until we all got to a place of clarity on the theme. Elements.

Fire: Something that provides heat in times of cold, cooks food that otherwise might not be the best to eat, provides light in dark times.

Food: Well, it’s food. Who doesn’t love food?

Music: The vibration of notes and sound that carries through the air and hits people in their soul. Sometimes it’s telling a story, making you move in funny ways, changing the way you see the world. Music.

All incredibly primal, simple human experiences that don’t need much more than just to be exactly what they are. Being true to itself and staying authentic…Now add to that, a diverse mixture of people from all walks of life, with a backdrop of raw rugged beauty, sharing, laughing, singing, dancing… That’s what I had hoped the Gathering would become.

But there was definitely a chance that the attempt at pulling something like this off, in the short time we gave ourselves, was going to be far more costly than it would be worth. Costly in the sacrifices I personally made financially, in my relationships with my family, and my fiancée, Shelby, and even my best friends. What if no one showed up? What if it turned out to be the kind of festival that scared the town into never trusting me again? There was so much at stake for the momentum of the project and for the town itself. But again, going back to the elements and keeping things true to the place and the people, our hope would be that it would be something that the community wouldn’t have to work too hard to enjoy, to get behind, and support. I always returned back to the elements…Fire-Food-Music.

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