The Shaun Majumder Scribbler: Hanging With Survivorman

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Hanging With Survivorman Les Stroud

What can I say about Les Stroud

Well I know he’s never faked his show and is the real deal…he’s eaten a lot of things that many others would never dream of… I know he’s from Ontario, he loves it in the woods and that he plays a killer blues harp.

But would he love Newfoundland?

Well, my gut says it’s a no-brainer, but that’s not all that’s at stake by bringing him to Burlington. The question is not whether he would think its “Nice” or not. For me, the question for him was more like: Am I crazy for thinking that a small remote town, like Burlington, could sustain a tourism industry? Does it have the right stuff?

For a guy who’s seen it all, I think this is a good test. His opinion will mean a lot either way. All I know is Les Stroud is a standup guy and will give the shirt off his back…oh wait, he’s not wearing one.

And of course, if I’m going to build a manor, I’m going to need someone to design it. But first a word about my business partner Peter Blackie. Not only is he the king of metaphor’s and a brilliant architect in his own right, but he also works on the hit TV show, Republic of Doyle, as one of the heads of the art dept. When we started this journey together, I point-blank asked him if he would consider designing the manor but no… he would simply help me navigate the waters in the early stages of design. Well that he has done and continues to do. Picking an architect is not easy. I have never done such a thing but I have to say, all of our candidates were fantastic and we could have gone either way. The firm we chose just seemed to get it, just a little more than the rest.

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