The Shaun Majumder Scribbler: Keeping The Dream Alive

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Keeping The Dream Alive:

I think one of the greatest lessons that I have learned as an actor is that you have to get used to rejection. I mean, ninety percent of the things we audition for, we never get, and the fact that we got the audition in the first place is a blessing. It’s a hard ol’ go, by’s. But one thing my experience tells me is that it’s your perspective that carries you through.

This very same lesson can be applied to getting turned down by the government. This set back in timing was a bit of wake up call, and nature righting the course as it should be. You see, when Peter Blackie and I put our heads together a couple of years ago to begin this journey, it was never just about one building. Yes, I came to him with this idea of putting some kind of house, or lodge, or a 4 to 5 room accommodation there, but as we spoke, we realized that if we focus solely on the one building, we would be doing the community a disservice.

So much more needs to be considered in a project like this. What about other basic infrastructure? Small businesses? Is there interest for a larger plan in Burlington, Middle Arm, and Smith’s Harbour? Are they on board? What exactly is that larger plan? It’s an evolving idea and as we move down this path we take our cues from what’s in front of us. So, although in the show, it looks like the big bad wolf known as the “Government” stood on a table and shouted, “Get out! GET OUT!!!” I can assure you, it was never like that at all. I am sure they want us to succeed. It’s in their best interest, of course, but our business plan had some holes in it and the Government had some very good questions and recommendations about how we can make the plan even better. So that is exactly what we are doing.

The government turning us down…for now, is a blessing in disguise. That’s not just me being the blind optimist dreamer that some think I am. No, in fact, it forces us to take a path that I am convinced will be a stronger road to the actual Manor, and the overall strength and viability of the project. It’s okay to start small and let demand drive the growth.

I have always said from the beginning: the project must come first and the TV show is a fun way to share the project with the world. But for me and my team, its absolutely imperative to get the business plan right and if it means we get turned down by the government and we have to go back to the drawing board to explore our options, then so be it. But the dream and end goals of the plan don’t change. We just have a different path to get there now. I am as optimistic as ever and excited to take on this new approach full steam ahead.

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